Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Best Day Ever

I can't wait to see all the photo booth photos!!!❤
I didn't have my phone all weekend and it was perfect ok! Except I coulda used a camera!
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Monday, November 5, 2012

4 more days....

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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween Friends!

halloween 4x6
We wish you a magical Halloween!! 
Have so much fun and be safe! 
Here is my All Things Halloween Flickr set! Enjoy! :)
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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy Hallows' Eve!

Orange you glad Halloween is so close! ❤+=<3

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Friday, October 26, 2012

DiY Wedding Prep

I haven't been a very good blogger lately and this is why hahaha....................
Flower girls' getup ❤ #bbgetnhitched
Flower girl baskets and flower girl dresses by little ticket on etsy! I am SO in love with them! 
Making the ring bearer ring pillows (2! 1 for Eli and 1 for Robbie my little cousin ) ❤ #bbgetnhitched
I'm making the 2 ring bearer pillows! 
I embroidered our B's in red and made them into small pillows.
The back fabric is 1930's (reproduction) circus print!
Should I make it so the pillow is pinned in the middle? Or leave it puffy?
Clip on bow ties for the ring bearers (or in Eli's case, the ring bear-he asked if he could be a bear, @oliveoh is making the bear ears haha!) our wedding really is gonna be a circus like most if our family events haha
Teeny tiny bow ties for the ring bearers, Mickey, Curtis, and Danny! 
See here's Mick sport'n his! He won't actually be at the wedding
 (I'd be too worried about him-he is my baby)!
So after the wedding ill be opening my own circus, you all are invited  I'm so sleepy
Made the flower girls' "flowers" which is actually handmade star confetti. 
I made signs for the CAKE and PIE. Oh and Circus of Love ;) 
Turned out better than I thought!!  No pie emoji!  #bbgetnhitched #pie
I've been saving all the coke glasses, these are from Lo's bday ha! Cotton candies galore, probably have to get more before the wedding hahaha! And I got a bunch of those glass things to make a carnie game for the kiddos  fill em w color water then they t
Making little carnival games for the kids! 
I still need to put together the cotton candy cart and test it of course ;)
I found a few of these at the fleamarket today! Completely perfect! ❤ #bbgetnhitched
Found these cast iron circus trucks at Flea Market! They are so great! 
Making table numbers! Need @larryleef or @oliveoh to drill holes for the stick at the end, I don't trust myself ha!
I made table numbers! These is how I did it - toner modge podge transfers
Here is Our Wedding Flickr set! 
I still have SO much to do! :)

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Monday, October 15, 2012

DiY Halloween Invitations!

This Halloween the Farley family isn't having a Farley Family Function. But fear not I hopefully have 50+ Halloweens to come (knock on wood)! So I want you all to have an extra awesome Halloween this year for me!!! ;) Here are some of my Halloween Invitations from the past few years! 
Haunted Acrade Halloween Party Invitation
These pinball game invitations are from our Haunted Arcade Party last year! 
Halloween In-bites
These maybe my favorites! They are from our Vamp-o-ween
Mostly I love the blood splattered envelopes!
Blood covered envelopes
2010 Halloween Farley Family Function Invites
2010 Halloween Farley Family Function Invites
This was from our Farley Family Freakshow Party! We were 1930 circus freaks-it was amazing!
It was my first attempt at photoshop hahaha-kinda a mess! 
DIY Halloween Greeting Cards
DiY Halloween Greeting Cards using letterpress blocks!
Enjoy your Halloween!! 
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Monday, October 8, 2012

Our Circus Poster Wedding Invitations!

Now that our family and friends have recieved their invitations, I thought I'd share them with you!
We made circus poster wedding invitations! :)
I say "we" because it took a village! ;) We had a friend do the design layout, then I took all his fancy design elements and made the RSVP & tickets, the fellows at work (Sonic Print) did all the printing, cutting, and perfing, and Lauren and Olivia helped me assemble all the invitations! haha!
Thank you ALL so much! 
our wedding invites
I am very very lucky to have access to a full print shop haha I count my lucky stars everyday! 
You see in the middle of the invite where it reads, "GOOBLE GOBBLE" I'll give you a huge hug if you know where that's from and why it's on there! :) 
You can find out here (it's one of my favorite movies).
our wedding invites
You can read all about the paper Beck and Bri here
our wedding invites
These were the RSVP cards, which had a removable card our family and friends could keep! 
our wedding invites
The confetti stars were Eli's idea-how could I say no?! Plus they went pretty perfectly!
our wedding invites
Made my own stamps after going to two post offices & pissing off one guy and confusing another bc I had an off amount of postage ha then those print your own stamps place is pricey!
I had 2 different difficult trips to the postoffice trying to get pretty or interesting postage, well that was a flop. No comprendo!
So I made my own!
I just printed the double B's on sticker paper, then I ran it through the pitney bowes machine.
Papercraft'n for our invites! ❤
So here's a bit more of the DIY part!
I saw some paper lace on etsy awhile back and really like it. Our invites didn't really go with lace, so I found a paper punch I liked at Jo-Ann's (of course used my 40% off coupon to buy it). So I punched out a bunch of red piece I wanted to use to wrap around the posters to keep them closed. The next day (forgetting the difficult of the punch) I whined to Lauren that I had carpal tunnel and but it was just my hand and wrist being sore from paper punching! hahaha
Wedding Invite DIY
The tubs we used started out brown cardboard tubs, but I couldn't send the pretty poster in a brown tub! So I painted them all! :) I LOVE the way they turned out!
We are very excited to say the least!
 It's the final countdown! ;)
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