Sunday, November 9, 2008

Art in the Park

Today Mags, Mickey, and I went to Williams Park in St. Pete to see a bunch of local artist at Art in the Park. It was a very pretty day out and the art was pretty awesome. Mickey behaved as well as Mickey knows how ;) everyone thinks he's so so cute, little do they know! I had two favorite artists. First was Doug Thonen, I liked everything he had. His art was skulls and dark eyed birds with very vibrant colors. Very cool and very nice to chat with!

Next was The Crafty Hag, Coralette Damme, she had a variety of crafts. I loved her robots and octopus prints, so I bought some :)

We had a very nice time, met some homeless people, Williams Park is their spot. Mags bought a bracelet for a deal! Mickey had some Ben and Jerry's! All 'n all it was a very nice day!

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1 comment:

mags said...

Adorable ornaments! And I love your Business Card Design...Very Classy! I loved our day in the Park and I love you.