Sunday, November 23, 2008

Good start to the holiday!

This Saturday, Jax, Kathie, and I gathered up all 28 quilts the quilting ladies put together. We drove toward downtown keeping our eyes peeled for the Metropolitan Ministries tent. We found it! I was so impressed with the operation they had going on! It was amazing! You drive in the tent stop, 3 volunteers come out to help you, and they take all the items. The down side to the operation was that it was very impersonal. Kathie did give the volunteers a letter explaining where the fabric came from and all the love that went into the quilts. Kathie did explain to the young volunteer that the quilts were all homemade and her face lit up; she understood! Hopefully they get to families and kids who need them! It was a wonderful experience. Next year I'd like to get the office down there to volunteer! And Kathie sent a very sweet email telling everyone the story and telling them she can't wait to attack the rest of the fabric in the new year for MORE quilts!

Here are some pictures on the quilts (on the front lawn). :)

Jax and Trav do their own stunts ;)

I got this pin for Jackie out in Tallahassee, because it was perfect for her! I guess the pin was just what Mary, the women's fabrics we used, use to call them (Quilting Ladies)! Jax seemed really happy about it which made me stoked! Pin says: Ladies Quilting Circle and Terrorist Group! You need to have a sense of humor for this ;)

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