Friday, November 7, 2008

pretty things

Mail!!! My etsy order came in yesterday. Flowers for my hair and great Christmas gifts for lil sisters (LOLOSR). Etsy is great; everything is homemade. More things should be on their way.

Here is a little guy I've been working on, I need to learn Illustrator. Once I do that we will have a CRY BABY BONES to go with BOSSY BONES :)

Last night I did not make an ornament, but I did sketch out an idea for a little chihuahua ornament. We'll see how that goes! I can't wait until next weekend because I get to visit Lauren and Danny in Tallahassee. I miss them very much. Plus I hope it's cold up there.

Here is the new fabric I ordered from etsy on sale! So cute! I wish Halloween was twice a year!

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lolo sr said...

checking to see if this works now

lolo sr said...

ok sweet soooo i realllyyyy like those flowers!!!! come to tallahassee nowwwwwwwwwwww. what are we doing for thanksgiving???