Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A few lil things!

Here is my finished Quilting Christmas Luncheon ornament! All done with that, now for a apple pie and a batch of vegan acorn cookies. This lil sucker was tough! I felt like I needed those glasses that librarians wear at the end of their noses. I'm so excited for the ornament exchange Thursday, this will be my first!

Here is a very hilarious picture of Mickey boo! If you look behind him you'll see the Polaroid camera I found at my parents house. It was my 13th birthday gift! Apparently Kodak and/or Polaroid are not making the film anymore for these cameras, so stores are charging an arm and a leg. I'm gonna go check this out! I love Polaroids, I think I loved them as a kid because it was instant gratification. Old school digital if you will, kinda. Everyone at Christmas better look cute because once you shake these bad boys you can't delete! ;)

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lolo sr said...

um nice Polaroid camera? You were a super cool 13 yr old, I can tell

lolo sr said...

mickey looks very metro in his holiday sweater