Friday, December 5, 2008

Getting closer...

At work we have a Christmas tree with all paper ornaments! A good chunk of the ornaments are recycled paper! We are a printing company, so we have plenty of excess paper left over from our runs. We had so much fun putting the tree up and making the ornaments. That night I rounded the corners to all the quilting recipes and gift tags by hand. Rounding corners by hand is zero fun, when you know that there are these quick corner rounds at work.
I also wrapped a bunch of gifts! And I made a plush DUNNY :) I can't show you the whole thing because it is a gift for my sister! Some hints: dunny with ALICE tattooed on his belly, and a pocket watch! Take some guesses! I'm getting excited about Christmas now, though I still miss Halloween!
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Robert Rules said...

i need to see one of these dunny's and i pray that kidrobot doesn't sue over copyright infringement.

lolo sr said...

eff kidrobot!!! thats muh plushy dunnyyyyyy