Thursday, December 11, 2008

Good Company

Today was the Quilting Luncheon! It was so nice! The ladies are all so awesome! Everyone brought a dish, I brought a apple pie since that has been my speciality lately. We had tasty spaghetti pie, these crazy noodles that were so good, some tangy fruit salad, and much more! There was also a cookie exchange. All of the cookies were so wonderful. The host of the party had the greatest house. All the walls were covered in awesome art. Her kitchen was my favorite with a great view out to the yard. It was just a wonderful party. And to top it off we had the ornament exchange! All the home made ornaments were beautiful! It was a really fun afternoon! Here are some of today's ornaments!This is an ornament that I love, Merrilee did it a few years back! It's amazing, I need to figure out how she did it! Farley gals!

Christmas Greeting Cards! Made by Me :)

Kidrobot Santa came early this year :) I ordered some gifts from Kidrobot and to get free shipping I got myself a gift! Reindeer Dunny! <3

Are you asking yourself what is a Dunny is or why would anyone want one, here is alil explanation:

What does the name Dunny mean?The name DUNNY comes from yo dunny dun,an urban salutation.
How is Dunny pronounced?Duhn-ee
Who designed Dunny?Kidrobot Founder Paul Budnitz and Illustrator Tristan Eaton designed Dunny.
How big is Dunny?Dunny can be 3”, 8” 20” and as big as 4’!

Plus they are blind box, so it's a surprise everytime! Going Dunny hunting is one of my favorite past times!

Cool toys at the quilting luncheon! I'm going to see what these are all about! I really like them!

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