Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Soon it will be Christmas!

Last night I made some Christmas gifts! A *tink* diamond ornament! And the silhouette of the sweetest kid ever! These pictures are not great because I don't have the amazing camera. These are actually iPhone pictures :( Soon I can have the wonderful-est camera back! I want to purchase a Gocco Printer! I would love to make MORE *tink* diamond ornaments. Make alot at once, and with the Gocco Printer that would be possible! This will be an after Christmas adventure!

 I also put up my Christmas tree last night! It's a becky kinda festive! I'll put up some good pictures soon. 
I made a very big mess! I have so many ideas, but only two hands! Plus I have a lil Mickey that needs attention, so cleaning is not top priority EVER! I do love having a clean work space! 
Oh and here is my fabric that I got over Thanksgiving weekend! I have a plan for it!
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1 comment:

lolo sr said...

i like the diamond and the sillohette!!!! soooo cute :)