Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Busy Bee!

Pictures say it best! So here are a bunch! What a great start to the New Year! We went to the beach. At the beach all the cousins built a sand temple, walked on the pier, and watched the sunset. We also went to the Florida Aquarium! All the moms and cousins went together. My dad and uncle worked on the never ending Farley House! We saw some crazy fish, and the kids played in a water park area.

I finally finished my hexagon pillow! I tried doing this on the machine, and quickly found out hexagons are very difficult to do on the machine. So I did it by hand! I really like the fringe on it, gives it a nice touch!

Aunt Jackie gave this beautiful mitten ornament to me on New Year's day! I love it! It's made from mostly Kaffe fabrics. She does such an amazing job!

I piled up all my skull fabric to see how many more rings my grandmother's flower garden will have. 7 more! I received a very wonderful gift certificate to Rainbow's End Quilt Shop, and purchased two new skull fabrics. The new fabrics are yellow and purple! I'm obviously super excited!

Here are my other fabrics I purchased with my WONDERFUL gift certificate! Thank you Jax and Nanny! I could have spend hours looking through all the fabric there, but my stomach took over and needed food! I had such a nice day in Dunedin with my mom, Jax, Nanny, and my sister! We ate a very nice lunch, walked around to all the little shops, and of course got icecream!

My Aunt Jenny loves antiques! Her house is full of beautiful things! She was so sweet to give me these beautiful pieces. She knows I love the blue glass, so she gave me two blue candy jars, two blue sorbet dishes, and a perfect orange dish! Thank you Jenny!

And this was the highlight of my weekend! Robbie, my very adorable, very smart, very wonderful, youngest cousin learned to sew! Robbie is a rough and tumble sort of kid! He's fearless, but extremely loving! His expressions crack me up! He asked if I could show him how to sew after New Year's day, and I told him sure. I was thinking he wasn't serious, maybe just excited about hanging out with his cousins again. But the next day his mom, my amazing Aunt Adrienne, told me he asked her at least 30 times if I could teach him to sew! I couldn't believe it! I had only my small sewing bag with me, but luckily there were left over hexagons in it. So I showed Rob how to pin the pieces together, how to made a knot, and they let him have at it! He did such a good job! He loved it! He sat there until he had sewn all the extra hexagons together and then wanted more! He is 5! I know I'm bias, but I was really impressed! So the next night we sewed again. Before he left I cut out a bunch of squares for him, because he wanted to make a quilt! I told him next time I see him he better have a quilt top made :)
I am very lucky to have such a wonderful family! They really are the best!

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