Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cold, but content

It is 49 degree out right now! I know it is much colder in other places, but this is Florida, and I honestly wasn't ready for this! I was definitely made for sunshine!
Last night at quilting, we had a nice toastie fire, and drink hot tea and warm SUPEDupsoup! Everyone talked about their holiday times, while quilting. It was very nice! Jackie is almost finished with the floor pillows she has been making for my Nanny! They are coming out so beautiful! Ellen was making a beautiful "stack 'n wack" hexagon quilt! I need to borrow the pattern for this because I just have to try it! I love hexagons, well more of a love hate relationship! Me sister is applying to grad school and she asked to email her essay for the ladies to read over. All the ladies are amazingly talented, and many work at the university, so they were more than happy to help. And Lauren was very thankful for their in site! Thank you all again!
It was a very nice evening.
Here are floor pillows Jax has already made for her house:

Here are Nanny's floor pillows! They came out so great! Now she was to make a matching quilt! Jax is an over achiever ;)

One down, one to go!

These are my new knit gloves! Bought on sale at Urban Outfitters! Some people at work teased me about them, because I wear them inside, but my fingers stayed warm! Plus they are preshie! The mitten part is buttoned back, but just unbutton to have awesomely cute knit mittens. And extra bonus, I can wear mittens and wear a ringpop!And share! (I didn't let him have it! Calm down!)

I also got a dunny recently! I've been trying now since this series came out to get him, and never did until now! This fellow is one of the easiest to find (not for me)! Dunnys are blind box toys, so you never know what you're gonna get. Keeps things exciting!

Tomorrow is Friday, so have a wonderful day! And stay warm!
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