Sunday, January 11, 2009

coming home!

Alot is happening this month! First and most important - Andrea, my very good friend comes home from the war! Thank goodness! I will be moving. The Superbowl will be in the Tampa Bay area, more of a headache then exciting. There are many birthday celebrations this month, including my 26th birthday! I love birthdays and I believe I will love them even when I'm 77 and wrinkly! They are always so wonderful! Family and friends getting together, playing games, eating cake, singing! How often does a family sing together, better question how often should a family sing - the Farley's shouldn't very often :) Favorite joke of my dad's, "Where's that money I gave you?" "What money?" "For singing lessons!!!" HAHAHA I can't count the number of times my siblings and I have heard this joke. I love my dad!
Speaking of my dad, he is fixing up his workshop! He has had this shop as long as I can remember! It's in need of an update! He is a very awesome woodworker. His father was very talented too from what I've seen, and taught my dad! So below is my dad's workshop and some wonderful creations he's made.

Here are some precut fabric square I recently purchased. The are fall colors, I really love and miss fall :) Don't know what to do with them yet, but it will come to me!

Progress! Tada! (Mickey snuck in the picture)

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lolo sr said...

"Can you sing solo? So low I can't hear you"
--another Larry Farley classic

you mixed up the pumpkins gone wild fabrics with other ones :( no me gusta the mix...just sayin'

i think its funny that nanny called mickey fat lolololol

and will andrea be home for your birthday?!?!?! YAY!!!!

lolo sr said...

oh wait...they're not mixed, are they? i cant confused

Becky said...

:) oh daddy! No they aren't mixed up, that's how they came silly!

lolo sr said...

i thought there was more orange i guess...i didnt remember those flowery ones