Thursday, January 22, 2009

Just getting started

Yesterday I showed you all the headboard I plan on making (with my dad's help) this weekend! The book is called Big-A$* Book of Crafts.
It's a really awesome book! There's tons of craft projects for your home and yard. So here is the topper I'm planning on painting and using.
Tonight was sewing night! I had a zillion projects I could work on, but I chose to make a dunny. I did finish it, so it's not another unfinished project! I sewed him up by hand because I didn't feel like using the machine. I could chat with the girls easier without the noise from the machine! Molly worked on her 8 point star block, she's doing such an awesome job! Elise made this beautiful green pillow with the cutest little elephant on it! We ate a bunch of cookies and rice crispy treats = good night!

And here's Mick! He's been wilder than ever, but oh so cute! Notice he needs a trim! This is him just checking my sewing bag for pup treats. I keep them in there for him sometimes, so he jets for it when I walk in the door. Oh Mickey!

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lolo at said...

mickey needs a friend :( preferably one that looks just like him!!!!!

I like the dunny :)