Thursday, January 22, 2009


I love my sister! 
She is really the best! She made the first purchase in my etsy shop! She cracks me up! Lauren I love you, I don't tell you enough!
I found these goodies on etsy, and I really like them! 
Glamasauru's Shop is where I found this Poisoned Heart Collaged Necklace. Cute :)
This rose and diamond are made by Wickedmicky, super cute!

I made this to show etsy love! On Thursdays I'll start showing off some of my favorite etsy items! So many crafty people out there!
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lolo sr said...

aw i love you too! im happy to be your first customer :)

p.s. i lovelovelove the rose and diamond necklace! you should sell your obama piece on etsy lololol

pike dreams

dannnnnnnnnny said...

clearly second best over here...

Becky said...

:) you're my favorite brother duh!