Monday, January 19, 2009

Learning by Doing

This weekend was an extreme learning weekend! I learned to use a caulk gun and a sander. I thought the caulk gun would be a breeze, but nope that lil sucker is tricky! The caulking comes out even when you're not pulling the trigger. You have to move fast and try not to make a huge mess! But my luck was about the same with the sander. The room I am working on was my room when I was young. My parents let me have full creative freedom over this room, and I went all out as a kid. On one wall I glued magazine cutouts all over the wall, on a second wall I painted a sky. Great when your 12, but now trying to paint over that was a nightmare. I tried shaving off the magazine collage, that didn't work! So I thought sanding it may! The sander is messy, and not worth it! So I'm going to replace the wall lol! I know sound silly, but I'm gonna do it! My brother is coming home for Superbowl weekend, and I want to have the room perfect for him! I will post the progress pictures later!

My sister sent me this picture! We have this little joke about the still stripping book! This book is everywhere, this lady is making a killing! Good for her, plus it's a hilarious title! Lauren should be sending me pictures of an apron she made over the weekend ;) can't wait to show everyone! I also can't wait to be finished with the painting, sanding, drilling, etc. so I can sew and quilt again! 
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lolo sr said...

my sweater looks totally appropriate in a polaroid picture!

Becky said...

Si! I thought the same thing! That was your era, you missed it!