Thursday, January 8, 2009

Lil Danny turns 20

My little brother, Danny turned 20 yesterday! I can't believe it! This is Danny below, he's the best brother ever ;) Happy birthday week Danny! Sorry for lifting you up by your ears when you were little! (He's much taller and stronger than me now, good thing for forgiveness lol.)

My dearest friend, Kris and I have been best buds since highschool. Let's just say we bonded over common interests. In highschool it is not cool to have BFF necklaces, so Kris thought it was time I have one! For Christmas she gave me this Peanut 'n Jelly necklace. So cute! She told me no one got it. What's not to get people!?!
Thank you Kris!

My drive to work was very stressful, luckily there is some cuteness in my car!

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1 comment:

lolo sr said...

Happy Birthday Danny!!! What's this picture from???