Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Looking good!

So it's coming together! Slowly, but surely! So I'll be able to sew again! 

My fabric is all neatly folded. More to come though, so lol hopefully it stays neat!
Dunnys are in place!
Some pictures are up, but not all of them! I do love using the drill :) My dad was impressed to find out I had my very own drill! Makes life much easier! 
I love my lil Liddy! She's my very sweet, super smart, super cute lil cousin in NC. Since we don't get to see each that often and since she LOVES American Girl Dolls, she sends me ecards all the time, so sweet! (this is an American Girl Doll card) The last two have had this lil Mickey dog on them! Thank you Lid! I miss you! 
These pictures are from my iPhone so they aren't great, better ones to come later! (sorry Danny I will get the blue room up for you!)
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danyur said...

i litchrally almost just bought you that make art poster from quater moon for your birthday...tgif i didnt. lookin good, WHERES MY ROOM?

ps. my secret word is couscona...

Andrea said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhh -- Looking good! You are such the creative lil soul! love ya -- See you in 48 hours or so :P

Andrea said...

wait a second -- Iphone? you have cingular? so i can talk to you for free! OMG! Love it