Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Open for Business

I've done it! I opened my etsy shop, FINALLY! I'm so excited! Go everyone, look, enjoy, and purchase :) Oh and I hope everyone likes the new look!

Here is a lil tasty of what's in the shop!
Also I've bitten off more than I can chew, I am going to make this headboard! I bought the fancy little wooden things (what are they called), and some orangiepink paint. I am going to need my daddy's help for putting this thing together. Note to Larbear: :) please help!

This is an old book of my mom's. We found it this past weekend cleaning out a closet. I am very luck my lil Mags taught me how important it is to send Thank You cards. First, it's polite, second everyone loves getting cards in the mail! Note to Mags: Thank you! :)
Now I have a book to teach me to write letters for all occasions, I am stoked!

So today I came home to a package full of greatness! Andrea, who's back home in the states, sent me a package while she was in the Middle East! She filled in with everything I love. First the treats!

Two crazy quilt pillows! They are orange; my favorite!

Save the best for last! This is Alice in Wonderland in Arabic! I collect the book, Good Night Moon, in different languages. Now I can start collecting Alice. As you've read from past blogging days, my sister and I love Alice. Last year my best buds and Lo threw me a Wonderland Birthday! It was awesome! Oh and it was a surprise, and now I'm never allowed to have a surprise again lol - sorry to be difficult! Thank you all again!

Lauren and Andrea make close to 100 cupcakes for my Wonderland Birthday!

I can't wait to see Andrea! Hurry back to Florida!
A lil PS: Look at all this beautiful new fabric! I received it in the mail today. It's already been washed and is ready to be put to work!

Mickey and I need our beautiful sleep, tomorrow is sewing night!

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lolo sr said...

what book is the headboard from??

mags said...

Glad you are stoked about the book! I can't believe it's been hidden way back in the closet all these years. Thanks for dragging out all the memories Beck! I love you. Mom