Friday, January 9, 2009

Puppy love

Good thing Mickey is so cute! He loves yarn, and every second he is alone with it he goes crazy! Could he be part cat? He goes nuts for yarn! I bought all this yarn to make pompoms with the kiddos and Mags, but the yarn is not puffy enough. The pompoms look alittle sad. That's what I get for buying yarn for a dollar ;)

I also started a new ring on my graveyard quilt! I'm very excited! The new skull and anchors fabric is so cute! The rings take forever! I just want to see all the colors on it!

Oh and finally, look what we found at the quilt shop! Oh yes!

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lolo sr said...

i like the skulls and anchors fabric :)

i look terrible in that picture :(

lolo sr said...

why is it called a graveyard quilt?

Becky said...

because it all skulls silly and normal that quilt pattern is called a flower garden, no flowers, but lots of skulls :)