Friday, January 16, 2009

Still Chilly!

 Here are some better pictures of my mittens, which I love! I need to learn to knit mittens. I can knit scarves, but not purl. You're suppose to knit one row, and purl the next, but I just knit all rows. For now, until I learn to make my own I have these!

My knit gloves/mittens are not a hit with Mickey. I came home last night with them on, reached down to pat and love on him, and he freaked out and started to attack them! :) He is a nut! But look at how cute he is! This picture is from his second day with me! He was so little and so sweet.  He still is sweet, but he is fearless and wild now! The other two pictures are from this morning! He is such a cuddle bug! Everyone should have a Mickey!
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Sara said...

I just had to comment - I lived in Tampa for 50 years! Moved to TN ten years ago and to New Hampshire four years ago.

Used to belong to Tampa Bay Quilters! Are you a member? There used to be a woman there that did the most fabulous applique!!!

It was really nice to see someone from Tampa! And, a knitter and quilter at such a young age!

Becky said...

:) Thank you taking a peek at my blog! My aunt got me interested in quilting! She belonged to a quilt group called Cotton Patch Quilt Guild. They are a group of awesome and interesting ladies! Now I get to be a part of it! I hope your water is back on (saw your blog)!

karenfae said...

Love those mittens!!! but you must only have to wear them once or twice the whole winter :) what do you do with them? Would you make me a pair - I need them more than you here in chilly Arkansas :)

Becky said...

:) It is warmer today! Thank you for visiting my blog!