Monday, February 9, 2009


My sister and I love Alice in Wonderland! I thought she could use some postcards to have on hand to mail out! Oh Alice! The postcard is an odd size 4.25x11, I thought it added to its curiousness! These are on there way to you Lo!

Tonight I had quite a treat! Miss Molly came over with a birthday gift! Molly and her husband, Adam are super thoughtful! Molly made all these organic puppy treats for Mickey! I am extremely impressed! Plus Mickey loves them! -

Not only did she make the treats, she bought the cook book for me!! If you think Mickey was chubs before look out!!!!

I was playing with the fisheye lens lol - didn't really work!

More gifts from Molly and Adam! So cute!

Adam made me this lil Smorkin' Labbit! Now don't get Labbits and Dunnys confused lol, both are by Kidrobot! This is what happens if you smoke kids! - Lesson of the day! (it's kinda true)

Something for everyone to laugh at lolol
I would like to take a time machine to the '30s, maybe in The Great Gatsby. (I do not want to be Daisy ps she was a mess)

Yay Monday is over :)

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lolo sr said...

yay! I got one alice postcard yesterday! I can't wait to get the blank ones! And I got my valentine cards (which everyone should buy bc they are so cute and awesome!) it was so exciting!

Secondly, your dog is going to be morbidly obese soon!!! Lololol jkjk sort of

Where'd you get that sweet hat?! I want

Are you in a no eye shadow week too? I am...there's pink eye going around these parts :(

Andrea said...

I also got my postcard yesterday and I love it -- I have it on the fridge! So yeah I totally agree the hat is super amazing! Where did you acquire this fancy lil hat?