Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Farley Family Fun Times

So happy Andrea is back in the states safe and sound! She looks awesome! She also had the pleasure of meeting Mickey Boo! She is such a wonderful friend, especially because she helped me move! We just had the best time! She told us stories about her visit to the middle east. She kept us entertained with all her nutty wonderfulness!
Packing was zero fun!

The puppies didn't get along that well! These 4 combined made 1 pup!

Everyone needs Daniel Ray in their live! Baby Squirrel!
Birthday Gifts!

My first 8 inch Dunny!!!

A new hobby! Yikes! I have been wanting to make wool creations for awhile now! I'm stoked! A very lovely pocket watch necklace!

Happy 26th to ME!

Best buds!

My beautiful lil Lo! I love this picture! She is so ridiculous, because she doesn't like her picture taken, but I can't understand why!! Why Lo??!!

My cousin Lex won 1st place for the project "Earthworm Buffet" at the County Science Fair! I'm so proud of him! I was bummed because him and his family miss Farley Bday weekend, but this is way more awesome! Now he gets to go to the State Science Fair! Congratulations Lex!

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lolo sr said...

i can have that necklace? lol

its 930 am...im watching qvc and have already seen 3 things i want to order...aka im the future billie june farley. i could watch this all day!

you didnt include all the moving pictures i took in your flickr :(

my word is bucra lololol

danny said...

ive been fat for so long i forgot how to smile...

secret word. matior

Andrea said...

Whatever Danny -- I was a Fatty! lol
So yeah I still think that Dunny's are creepy and I can' beleive they make them nearly a foot tall! AHHHHHH so Scary!!!! How can you sleep with those creepos staring at you with thier weirdness!!!
My secret word is milabo -- what exactly is a milabo?