Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Feel the love

I have loved this headband since I saw it on Silje's very lovely blog! I just love the color and thought it was too cute! Then she put them up on her etsy! Mine now :) So excited!

On jmaccknit's etsy, she has these awesome patterns! If I get it now I maybe able to make them by next winter lol.

This is the most delicious looking yarn from greeneyedmonsters :) Looks like a tasty tangerine!

These are from homelab! I have loved these for awhile now! Too bad I live in FL! I take that back, I LOOOOVVVE FL!

Also today BeanTownandMade is having a sale! These pups are too cute in these knits!

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Silje Røe Hagland said...

aw, so so glad you like the headband <3
Thanks for stopping by the blog, and shop <3


homelab said...

Great Post with beautiful items.Especially the knit for puppies are absolutely adorable!!!!

kimi said...

i got me one too. wore it today! i love it so much! you need to take a pic when you get it!