Wednesday, February 25, 2009

First Things First!

Congratulations to my dearest Kris! This is her NEW home! Well soon! And when you see it again it will be all redone! I am extremely excited for her and her hubby, Michael!
My other very dear friend sent me this pillow picture! It's so pretty! She informed me she would like me to make it for her lol! Talk to Kris, she'll tell you to get in line, she is still waiting on her wedding quilt!
The beginnings of a "Coraline" Lauren Farley Doll Baby! I just started it so there's more to come!
I have never been a lover of closet doors. This began at a young age when my room would be a mess and the closet doors always broke/come off the runners because I could not close them :) So I took off the doors and put up these super lovely curtains! Surprisingly I didn't buy the paint and curtains together or try to match. I like that they are the same color.

Here is my Spring Scarf Project from my Red Velvet Girl Craft Class! We used jersey cloth and it turned out cute! Probably don't need a scarf, so Lo come home and get it :)
And this is just super necessary to share! Babahaahhaa
Now I would like sushi!
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J for Jendetta said...

wow, i want to make coraline dolls too!! and is that obama sushi??? ohmy!

Becky said...

Make them! :) I started a coraline flickr: join! :) Si to the Obama sushi lol obama chains, obama tees (seen at the fair), and obama sushi! :)

Holly said...

from what i can see, your friends new house is lovely. those stairs are soo charming!!

Becky said...

oh my gosh aren't they! I cannot wait to see it!