Thursday, February 5, 2009

Wanna Play Lambs....

Getting some etsy orders out! Hopefully everyone loves theirs berry much! Lauren look for yours in the mail!
I love getting Mickey treats! (Yikes you can't say treats!!!) Mickey is my sweet baby pup, who has a very hearty appetite! He loves to eat! My sister says he's getting alil fat! She also uses the Cartman (from SouthPark,who is a fat boy) voice when telling us what Mickey is thinking! For example, "I am not fat, I'm fluffy!" Other dogs don't love Mickey because he is alot to handle, so Lauren says, "You wanna play lambs?" Lambs as in Silence of the Lambs lol, it's in South Park, it's hilarious. I got lil Mickey a lamb, so "You wanna play lambs?"
My aunt, Jenny, gave me this super cute doodle pad frame for Christmas! It's up at work! Now I can doodle while chat with less than wonderful customers! ;) The picture is from Kris' wedding! I'm kinda sad the planning and excitement is over! Kris have a baby! Lauren get married! JK! Don't roll your eyes!
Last but not least....I got the Dunny I've been wanting! I'm super stoked! He's so cute! Ok now a new series can come out because I have what I want from this one! Go buy your dunnys! While in Ybor you may want to go see what's good at the new clothing shop Renown. I support local businesses, plus the clothes are cute! Lo just bought the best shirt ever, I have it too, TWINSIES!

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danimal #1 fan said...

ROFLING. keep the updates coming they make my day not so bAring. WANA PLAY LAMBS PUMPKIn?

key word: Phays

Becky said...

:) oh god! Wanna plaaay lambs? poor mickey