Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I have mixed feelings on Valentine's Day. I love Love! But buying all the cards and candy, uh I don't know it's ok. Now gifts from the heart, that's another story! Super thoughtful gifta or homemade gifts are wonderful! And to save them for a special day is good! So Valentine's is good lol - oh just me rationalizing things! Here is my homemade valentine heart garland! It is super easy to make, plus you can use scraps! Cut out a bunch of very small fabric hearts, then pin them to wax paper, and go! Sew (by machine) the hearts to the wax paper without stopping. Then simply tear the wax paper away! Tada valentine heart garland! Add ribbon or buttons from super cuteness!

Cute lil gator I thought I'd share! (not for the football team, my siblings to go FSU, but my Amber, 4th Farley kid, goes to UF, so go gators too ;) )

Oh and Mickey got to play Lambs, or just with dogs that look like lambs ;) Aww puppy butt love! These are Molly's pups and they are just the sweets boys, and then there's lil Jasey Ray (hotdog) who's not in love with one Mickey Boo! Poor Mickey! Oh and Mickey has the organic pup farts - YIKES!!!

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Andrea said...

Awwwweeee! The haerts garland is super cute! But not a cute as the lil chubkins playing lambs! lol
Oh, I wish you could come to my totally awesome 80's extravaganza!!! I will take pictures of my outfit! Need deco ideas so hook a sista up!
Unpascu -- i think this means a whales v*gina -- oh wait thats San Diego opps ... my bad

lolo sr said...

bahahaha...andreas comment made me laugh out loud

did mickey get all silence of the lambs on the other dogs? IT PUTS THE LOTION ON THE SKIN OR ELSE IT GETS THE HOSE AGAIN...oh mickey!

love that heart garland...remember this: "Is that going to stay up all year round?" <---high five to whoever can guess the person who said that approx one year ago...oh memories lololol


amber said...

aww i'm glad i'm still the 4th farley kid even though we're not rittle anymore!! :) oh and i think you should make a stack and wack quilt - that one you posted is so pretty!

lolo sr said...

everytime andrea writes awwwweee, i want to pronounce it "awie" even tho i know she just means "aw"...but she's from ohio so what can ya do?


Andrea said...

Oh Lo -- I can not help that I ws born in the most awesome state ever!!! I mean look at the cool people who have come from there... Me, Mags -- yeah thats pretty much all I got!
OMG! My word is like a real word ...
Redseal --- See real words for really awwwweeeesome people!!

Yellowgoat said...

Becky, Thank you very much for featuring my Sugar and Spice Necklace. ;D I'm glad you like it.