Sunday, February 8, 2009

Quilts 'n Lights

Weekend of fun! Quilt show and the Fair!! So wonderful!

I found these very pretty blue bird fabrics! Then I found the kit! Jackie and I shared a love for the fabric, so we both purchased it!
Below is the African fabric that I had to have! It is made by using wax to create the design, then adding the dye, the dye resists the wax, and there you go!! So pretty! I wanted all, but I to dig deep for self control! It's a pretty Kris fabric ;) Butterflies on painted wings!

These were just asking to be bought! I want to make a stack and wack quilt and these fabrics will be perfect!

Now this is the SMALLEST quilt I've ever seen! Look how small!

This is a stack and wack quilt! You can see why I just love them! This one is soooo amazing!

And this is my absolute favorite! I told Jackie they use the butts of the fabric (like the best part of a loaf of bread)! It's like a recycled quilt! At first I thought it was book spines, but then realized it was the branding on fabric (that everyone throws away)! My favorite, blue ribbon!

Step right up! To the FLORIDA STATE FAIR!!! Yay!!

Oh cracker country! This year was extra fun because I got to explain why there's a "cracker" country to Daniel, who's from Venezuela and has never been to a fair in the states. He thinks we are nuts by the way! ;) Daniel!

:) oh the moon!
A new friend for Mickey???? YES!!!!
Awwww I love fireworks! And even more I love my new camera! I've never been able to take good fireworks pictures til now!


Gotta love it!I love fair/carnival lights! When I was younger, my friend (who was very tall, long reach) and I would take the lights off the rides at my catholic school carnival lol sorry! I just have this love for them! I have just a small collection!


Very fun weekend!

A ps: A dunny is a wonderful lil vinyl toy, which I collect! They really aren't creepy, they are totally awesome ;) Different designers from around the world get picked by Kidrobot to design them! Finger crossed Maybe one day I could design a Mickey dunny! lol So there you go gang!

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daNgo said...

Lol, I checked out, its some sort of MUSH and coding crappy webpage... tsk tsk tsk.

The fair... :: sighs :: only fun was the company, everything else either too nasty, too expensive, or too lame. Next trip THE APPLE STORE! (yes!)

The Ties that Bind Us said...

fair lights!!!!!!!!!! They make me happy. I love the fabric that you got. Is the african fabric batik fabric? We did an art project with the kids a while ago with wax and dye to replicate batiks. I scrolled down and saw you had a birthday. Happy 26th!!! Your birthday crown was adorable.;)

lolo sr said...

the stack and wack quilt is amamamamaaaazzzinnnggggg!!!!! i want itttt!!!! the brand quilt one is awesome too! and you should dye mickey pink and he'll look just like that fat pink monster!!! little head, fat body lol

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