Monday, February 16, 2009

:) sigh

I am super sleepy, in that good way! I had a very wonderful weekend! These are fabric Jackie got me for my bday! They came by mail because no one locally sells Anna Maria Horner fabrics. They don't know what they are missing! She is my all time favorite! Get with it Tampa Bay!

Fancy chocolates! Notice Mick in the corner trying to steal them!

Vday cake soooo delicious!

:) Si! The Sweetest!

Nanny bird got herself a baby bird! She was cleaning up her yard, and this lil fellow wouldn't leave her alone! So she let him on to her patio, and the next day bought him a cage! I love my grandma, she doesn't think he likes the cage so she's going to let him out on the patio most of the time! oh Nanny!

Valentine treats! Iphone quantity (sorry). I made more but you people (lil lo) check the blog so I can't show you ;)

What I woke up to on Valentine's Day!

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Andrea said...

Are you trying to say that i do NOT know what a dolie is? Hey I tried my best -- and who really knows what a dolie is anyways?