Friday, February 27, 2009

Sleep Needed

More Red Velvet Girl projects that are semidunzo. This is my BeckStar Hide em Here journal - tada! I never scrapbook, so I find it easier to do a page a day. Here's today's page! Go Team! Mickey is right by my side alllll the time, whether I am sewing, quilting, knitting, painting, etc. He's always there (in the way) ;)

Felt like painting lol this is a silly lil Mickey.

My Tink Hide em Here journal! I used embroidery thread on it. Let me tell you I think it's a must, but it is rough! I broke a needle lol, and my fingers are sore lol.

Oh mick!

My Outrageous tee from Renown! By the way, Renown has new Hellz Bellz stuff for girls. I was thinking of Jem while paint my BeckStar journal, you know Jem and the holograms! I love Jem! None of her clothes fit Barbie! Remember!? Well she was Truly Outrageous! :) iPhone pic is yuckie - sorry! Night!

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