Wednesday, February 25, 2009

So many things!!!

Super on sale Kaffe fabric! It was 60% off on! I need it for my stack em whack em quilt! Jackie said large patterns are best, so this is perfect! You need about 6 yards for the quilt so I needed to find beautiful and inexpensive, done and done!
Mickey is saying, "This is my Kaffe fabric, your Kaffe fabric is at!" Rotten pup ;)

So sharp you wouldn't feel a thing!

So thanks to Jendetta at I was able to do this at the Coraline website! Oh man I love it! Mickey went through the tiny door too! Tada! Thank you Jendetta! Now everyone go and see what the other world is like :) ps apparently I smile in all pictures, I couldn't find a creepy one, maybe the smile makes it a bit creepy.....

Now here are my Red Velvet Girl Hide em Here journals! Not totally completed, but at least they are painted, half the battle. I haven't painted in forever! It felt good to, you'll probably see more paintness. So get ready for that lol. BeckStar is Jem and the holograms wannabe name and Tink is cute and like a wink but better! Remember Jem?!?

Here is my 50 Things i LOVE list. It's not 100% everything, but good enough for a scrapbook lol! They are in no particular order btw. oh 51. is made up words - i love Danny for that!

Here is Mickey boo (almost 1 whole year old) looking so fresh n so clean clean! He got an eye hair trim and no longer looks like a homeless pup!

New dunnys (had them for a bit) but new to you! Their backsides are cuter than their fronts! The lil blue one is wearing a dino costume! And the mummy dunny reminds me of Halloween! When is a good time to start the count down for Halloween!?

Pop strikes again! I was super excited to see these VERY old, vintage lol if you will, EZloom! This maybe older than me! Pop found it for me for 20 cents at the thrift store! I've been wanting to learn, and now I can! Pop you are great! Thank you!

Time for sleeps and to cuddle up my totally neglected (eyeroll), sad, doe eyed puppy! Good night all! Quick ps bet you have a sweet nerd in your life you need to make this for or yourself. I will now hear mario coin and sound track in my sleep :)

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dannnnny said...

i want that Nintendo blanket. i also am not coming home till friday. kthx.

and catopers bc i forgot to click verify

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