Tuesday, February 17, 2009


So I made my first online project from the Red Velvet Girls! I really enjoy their blog. It's alil scrapbook. I normally never scrapbook, I used to, but not anymore. But I told myself I would do every project, A: because I should try new things, and B: because the class was alil costly lol. So here is my scrapbook!

I only did three pages so far! I spent alot of time on each one! I like the way it is turning out!

I love my Andrea! She is an incredible smart gal. She does not know what a doily is lol. She was Thifting the other day and I asked her to keep her eyes out for doilies (I need them for my online class). This is what she sent me in the mail! :) I love you Andrea! I'm going to make you a dress out of these and you have to wear it!

My lil Lo has been sick, so instead of waiting til the weekend I thought I'd posted them to show her the Valentine I made her!

Right before bed, someone was super sleepy! Though he must have woke up in the middle of the night because there was a ball of yard on my bed and a trail of yarn all the way to the living room! Mickey!!!

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