Thursday, February 12, 2009

Things I <3

Here are a few Etsy items that are wonderfully cute! The above necklace is from yellowgoat! I really need this, I'm not even a big jewelry wearer, but this is too cute! I know it's too late for valentine's day, but this cute items have be given all year round to say I think you're great ;)

Too adorable robot vinyl stickers above by designfruit! I'm a bot lover, and these are so lovely!
These are perfect for the ol' Vday, but remember you should give hugs and kisses year round! These are by handmadebytammy!
Mickey NEEDS this in XXXL please :) and maybe a less girlie color. I like the pink! This adorable puppy sweater is by Bean Town Handmade!

Take a peek at these adorable items! Buy Handmade!!! 

Lots of Valentines to make tonight! :) 
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Andrea said...

the doggies sweater looks like something that chelsie made Berkley wear while i was in the sandy tropics of the middle east!!!

daNgo said...

That last picture looks like Irie :P