Friday, February 20, 2009

A wonderful day!

Pop comes and visits work every Wednesday! He is kinda a cranky fellow til you realize he has a heart of gold! He goes to the thrift store all the time! Sunshine Thrift Store - Senior Sundays 50% off! ;) Well I asked him if he ever sees any quilting books and tada look what he brought me! I was soooo excited A- that he thought of me and B- I love quilting books! I felt very special! It was a very nice surprise!
Love the stars!

More exciting happenings - eyeroll! My frog, technically he is an African Clawed Frog, and lives only in the water, jumped out of his tank! Yes he was trying to escape! I heard a crazy noise near the tank, but couldn't find anything out of place! Than my mags yells, "Where the frog!" Great! So I'm looking and looking, being a super duper scaredie cat that the frog is going to land on me. I see this gross lil white mush in a large glass under the tank! He managed to land in a glass! He was totally fine lol. He and the gold fish were out growing their tank, so my parents gave me a HUGE tank as a bday gift! Tonight I moved the fish and frog to the gigantic tank! What an ordeal! But I did it! It's not totally finished, but the water is perfect and the silly frog cannot escape! Knock on wood! Oh just a gold fish and frog in a 30 gallon tank, geez, both are too aggressive to get any other fish.That frog is a trickie fellow! And my gold fish is alil fatty, who gets stoked if you go near the tank because he thinks FOOD FOOD FOOD!
I'm taking alil weekend trip to see my wonderful siblings and Andrea! Very excited to see them! Not everyone is so happy - Mickey! He is staying with Mags. He hasn't left my side tonight lol he knows!

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Andrea said...

someone needs angel eyes! Poor Mickeroni! Oh and I think that micky might have sabatoged the PT so you couldnt leave him with Mags all weekend! lol

danny said...

hahahahahahahahaha oh mickey, what a fine mechanic. i'm livid. andrea, CALL ME


Becky said...

Mickey did break the PT! :) He was pissed I left him!