Friday, February 13, 2009


Holidays with candies are tops with me! I accidentally grabbed the espanol Sweethearts, but thought they could be tasty and educational. Win, win, and we ate them, win. Win, win, win!
Mas candies, in Bloody Valentine fashion!
Mickey loving his favorite thing - FOOD!
He's a serious mess, but he's so playful and lovey today, so another no bath day!

Now these were made by Elise! Everyday I tell her she needs to get her etsy shop up! Who agrees? Everything she makes is soooooo cute! These are lil Valentine cards she made and she was sweet enough to give me some!

I just love them! XOXO everyone!

Jax sent me a Valentine card today! :) I just love her so much! Sunday is sewing/quilting/eating day! Going over to Jax and Trav's is the most fun! Ever since I was little I have found her house to be like a wonderland! Her kitchen is always stocked with delicious treats. Fish tanks, zillions of books, miles and miles of fabrics = Heaven! I love you Jax and Travo!

Oh today, everyone at work joined in the fun! This is alil Bloody Valentine badge made by Daniel! :) Bloody Valentine Potluck was a hit! We ate sooo much!

I am making some felt Valentine treats today for everyone I love! Mickey keeps trying to eat them, it's becoming a problem. lol Good night!

This is the sad face I have to leave everyday lol oh so sad! Maybe he's sad I'm leaving, maybe he's sad no one will give him treats! I love my Mickester!

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amber said...

omg you have no idea how bad i want to find some corazones dulces!!! lolol. where'd you get them??

lolo sr said...

lol corazones dulces!!! why does mickey have a black tie on?? lol


Becky said...

:) I got them at target in that front dollar section area! They were $2.11 (not a dollar)! But now they maybe half off!

Anonymous said...

Hey Becky! Happy Valentines Day! It's been a while since I've been on your blog. I love the valentine garland. Now, how do you make it? Couldn't quite understand how. I'm jealous that you also got to hold a sugar glider. We almost got one until we heard how messy they are. They breed them in Clearwater you know. Maybe you'll get one! Love, the Farley Four in NC