Friday, February 13, 2009

Yay Bloody Valentine Potluck!

Aww yes at work today actually, it's 1:22 am, we are having a Friday the 13th Bloody Valentine Potluck! lol I thought I'd bring some festive foods and a decoration or two! Mickey needed to be in the picture, he has been wanting to cuddle and play all night, but I was making treats! (Yikes no T word around Mick) Here is my Bloody Valentine Heart above! Nothing too special this was the last project completed!
I also finished all my Valentines! In the mail actually today, once I go to bed and wake up again! This is staying in theme with my Christmas Robot cards. It's a Robo-tastic Valentine's Day!

Rounded corners look super adorable, I think they add alil something extra, but man doing it by hand is punch punch punch punch lololol! But it had to be done ;)

Bloody Valentine Cupcakes! You'll notice the black frosting, those are the scary/creepy cupcakes :) and the other are regular ol' Valentine cupcakes.

Ground beef? Oh no lol I dyed the rice crispy treats red! Looks alot like ground chuck, but these are alot tastier! Adding vanilla is what makes rice crispies sooooo delicious! Once I left out the vanilla, and no thanks! So always remember the vanilla!

ground beef hearts! ;)

So happy Friday the 13th to you all :) Have a robo-tastic day!

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Andrea said...

Let me start off by saying awwweeeeeeeeeee just for Lo!
Those rice crispy treats really do look like grade A beef lol! And poor Micky -- how many did he have?


lolo sr said...

ewwww those rice krispy treats look soooo offense! cute do letters well lol i dont :(


daNgo said...

The gross look of the rice krispies add to the "Bloody Valentine Friday the 13th Extravaganza." I can tell you first hand they were pretty darn good :).

And my family has been devouring the cupcakes, thanks Becky! :D

Becky said...

:) Yay! Don't give any to Dottie or Irie!