Monday, March 9, 2009


For those of you who have miss lil Mickey's mug (like me), you can also find him on Bean's Blog! Mickey's Looking Bad to the Bone
Mickey is enjoying his new skull and cross bones sweater and he is looking pretty sharp! Thanks very much to Becky for sending us these cute photos!
Posted by Anne at 5:29 PM
No crafts today! But I am finishing up a book I started Friday! I forgot how wonderful it is to read. I use to read a book a week, I don't know how I had the time. The book is Atomic Lobster by Tim Dorsey. He's very similar to Carl Hiaasen, who needs to write more books because my dad and I have read all the others! These books are all Florida.
I have lots of projects to get caught up on, plus the new star quilt, plus I NEED to finish one very special wedding quilt (before the lovely couple's first wedding anniversary)!!!
Interesting article from Erica! :) Read it!
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amber said...

i looked up carl hiaasen bc i thought i had to read one of his books at plant...but i guess not bc i couldn't find a familiar title. a teacher i had for a reading class used to talk about him so maybe that's why i thought i'd read one of his fact of the day though, he's a fellow gator woot woot!! :D

oh and this is from a diff post, but i've been wondering the same thing about twilight lately, whether or not i would like it lol. the people that DO like it though, are like obsessssed haha.

Becky said...

When you're back in tampa come by bc I have all his books - they're great! I think I may try twilight :) and if and when i do I'll let you know what I think! :)