Sunday, March 15, 2009

birthdays, books, beautiful days

Yesterday was lil Kris' birthday! Happy Birthday to you! I love you very much!Yesterday (on her bday) Kris sent me a sweet lil gift from Belgi! It's a lil pencil box with Jip and Janke. I just love Jip and Janke stuff, it's too cute. I've only seem Jip and Janke is Hema in Belgium. Hema is like a Target, wish they'd carry Jip and Janke stuff.I'm behind on my Red Velvet Girl Class - yikes! The weather is just too pretty to sit inside or on the computer. It's so nice and warm out, very different from last weekend (thou the cold was great too)! I'm a few projects behind. The next is making your own stamps. I don't have stamp pads or any of this stuff, but I'll give it a try. I like this lil camera one! I love my camera sooooo much so perhaps I'll make a camera stamp as well.
Wednesdays with Pop! Pop found another awesome quilt book for me! He looked through the book and decided you have to be an engineer to make a quilt :) I took that as a compliment!

Stars are finished! I didn't like the patterns I picked at first, but now that they are put together I really like them!

My dad's shop renovation is coming along nicely! I'm very proud of him! Every weekend he finishes alil more, by summer it should be totally finished.

Too pretty out to stay inside!

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Andrea said...

I want that stamp -- I love It -- I wannnntt it bady!

daNgo said...

To pretty out to stay inside... maybe...I'm too boring to go outside.

Why enjoy the icky sun when there are so many zombies to kill in your living room!


daNgo said...

*too (OCD FTW!)

lolo sr said...

pumpkin is being weird...what did you guys do to him? :( make a new dunzo with this one