Thursday, March 5, 2009

Embroidered Photo Art and a few crafty gals!

For a new Red Velvet Gal Project we embroidered photos. A very simple idea, but really adds a nice personal touch to pictures!
To be honest I rarely have photos developed anymore, but luckily I work in the wonderful world of printing! So tada!
I started this last night, it's not great lol but here you go!

I just love this picture of my sister! And on a side note I am EXTREMELY proud of her because she was accepted into Vanderbilt's grad program! Not only is Lauren super beautiful, but she is a very smart gal! And a great sport, because in this photo she is covered in fake tattoos for the Farley Family Freak Show Halloween Party 2008!

This is from Margot in my RVG class! She did such an awesome job! I love the glasses! Check out her etsy too!

Another crafty gal who's flickr picture caught my eye is Alexandra! Her sweet lil panda gal is too cute!

So so many awesome crafts are made by all the girls in the Red Velvet Girl Craft Class!

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margot said...

awwww thanks for adding me to this! that was really nice :-) and i love your pics!!! especially the flower in your sister's hair! happy friday!

Alex Mason said...

Thanks for putting my panda on your blog :) love your sisters photo!

lolo sr said...

aw thanks sister!!! you, too, are beautiful and smart, so our parent's should be proud lol :) :) :)

amber said...

weird! i left a comment on thursday but for some reason it didn't post. basically it just said i agree with the super beautiful and very smart part! :) and also that i think all of your craft projects are super cute!

amber said...

oh hahaha i just realized it's cuz i hit "publish" and then closed the box, but i had never put in the word verification thing. sao silly

Andrea said...

This is me commenting on the blog -- lol

kimi said...

i love that ocean (lake?) scene. wouldn't it be lovely if there were boats and awesome clouds like that in real life? And congrats to your sister!

Becky said...

:) si! It's the gulf -so salt water! I would love fluffy pink clouds!