Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Green and Killer Leprechauns!

Some green I love! I'm not "going green" just some green stuff I like :)
Cutest purse, camera, cardigan hook ever!

My favorite green Frankenstein heart necklace by Lady Spleen!

My green vinyl toys!

Green cupcakes for work and our Killer Leprechaun Day! So far we have had a Bloody Valentine's and Friday the 13th potluck, so it seems fitting to have a Killer Leprechaun Day. Scary movie themed holidays - try it!

Here's a Mick ;) not offensive bc that's his name!

Mas cupcakes!

I wonder if green food coloring is as bad as red dye no. 5. Lots of kids can't have red dye, like my sister, growing up it made her cranky and grumpy. She has taken to drinking red Gatorade recently, so stay out of her way. ;) love you lil lo!

Got hungry baking, so I made myself some egg whites, and dyed them green. Not gonna lie at first I didn't think I could eat them lol but I did! I decided when I have kids I'm going to dye all their food! It will be like in the movie Hook - remember that scene?
Have a Killer St. Patrick's Day!

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amber said...

hahaha i didn't know that about lauren and the red dye. thanks for the tip though lol. jk biff! :)

p.s. did those green eggs taste weird??? it's probably psychological but still!

Becky said...

The green eggs were soo weird! But I was hungry and they tasted totally normal, but the first bite was odd :)

lolo sr said...

you jerks...it wasnt red dye...it was the msg in chinese food!!! YOU JUST MADE ME ANGRY!!! jkjkjk im not angry...youre sally though


danny said...

maybe it was all foods? gaghahagagha happy St. PATRICK'S ALUMNI DAY.


Robert Rules said...

i agree with fanny fartly