Thursday, March 26, 2009

Inspiration found :)

I've been feeling alil cold come on this week, but I think I maybe beating the germs, said I would! So after my most favorite show, The Office, and some sweetnesses shared I decided to make something, or at least pick out projects and colors! It still counts!
One of my very favorite fabric designers and just extra talented lady, Anna Maria Horner, has a book - Seams to Me (which I've had since Christmas and never used). I picked out a purse project! Now I did promise my brother I would stop using fabric or canvas bags as purses, lol you know dress my age. But this is homemade, so doesn't count. It won't be frumpy Danny, don't worry!
It's called The One of Everything Bag! These are the colors I picked out! Blues and Oranges! I've never made a purse before so this will be a learning experience :)
Mick needs a bath for alot of reasons lol. Maybe this weekend after some sunshine!

Today a strange but sweet event took place. My mother, lil Mags, called me from work asking me to take a picture of a tattoo to show the ladies at her work. Odd for so many reasons, first Mags is not a tattoo fan (but secretly she loves them I think), second why this specific one I do not know, it's an older tattoo, and she told the ladies in her office about my tattoos? What is going on?
She requested my Billy June. So I did it lol I showed them the whole thing, here's part of it. She's a busty blonde gal :)

Still strange, but anything for my Mags!

Second project! My Red Velvet Class apron! I just was saying I wanted to learn to cook! Having a super cute apron would help the process I think :) Even if I'm not Suzie homemaker I can have a preshie apron to look like one!
Above are the colors I picked out! The red (Anna Maria Horner fabric ps) will be the base piece and the others will be fringe and tie. I'm thinking it will need extra lil ball pompom fringe too!
This is the lovely Elsie, Red Velvet Art is her awesome dream. She and Rachel run the Red Velvet Class, and here is her apron! I love the mermaids!

Just because he's cute! I will not feed him sculpted butter lambs, but he IS cute fat!
So treats for my lil fat boy!

I found this on a blog a bit ago and just loved it! Wouldn't it be fun!? Good exercises, learning to do flips so I can pursue my pro-wakeboarding career jk, etc. Put Mickey on it and bounce him to the moon - so many things!

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Molly Le Blanc said...

I remember seeing Billy June in action! I think I have the first pics of her :) That had to be your most painful tattoo.

urban craft said...

I am loving all the aprons I am seeing. Making one is next on ever growing my project list.

thereddeer said...

Cute apron! I want to sew up an apron for myself since I like baking and making a mess :D

amber said...

omggg i want that in-ground trampoline!! i'll get one when i have kids and act like it's for them, but it'll really be mine lol

*karen said...

The Office is too funny. I also like 30 Rock. And that bag was my favorite of all the projects in Seams to Me (although I have yet to purchase the book :o)