Monday, March 30, 2009

looks like a rainbow puked...

You can't look at these lollipops and not smile! I remember always getting them with my siblings and making total sticky messes. And then we would try to save them - gross! These were at Cracker Barrel! Early Saturday I drove my very wonderful grandma to Orlando to meet up with her sisters staying in Daytona - for bike week! Not really bike week, but they do love watching massive amount of bikers that fill Daytona.
My grandma doesn't like driving 10 miles north of her house let alone 80 or whatever to Orlando, so once a year I drive one hour to Orlando, eat, chat it up with the ladies, then drive an hour back. I love it! Everyone should sit and talk to their grandma! She may not know how to text or what twitter is, but she knows a heck of alot more than you or I! Do it! It will be well worth it!

New lil dunny gal! Check out HiCalorie!
Make a wish!

Full Color!
I had some time to kill Saturday, and I've been bored with my makeup, so I had a very sweet gal at Sephora do my makeup! (first I went to MAC, but the lady was scary looking!) It was so fun! I love eye makeup, well and all makeup. I think I'd make a good drag queen makeup artist. All the crazy colors and over the topness -that would make me happy. Sometimes when I wear any color other than brown I feel drag queenie - so I had the girl at Sephora do it. I kinda liked it - We'll see.
That night this comic on TV said, "makeup is like a scratch off for men, take her home and see what you get!" :)


And - I actually started a project and completed a project!
This is my apron (that will never get used)!
I'm trying to catch up in my Red Velvet Girls class.
It was surprisingly not too tough to make. There wasn't a pattern, so I just winged it. I like the lil pocket! I'm going to make a few more in different styles, then give them to the ladies I love.

I used the sewing machine. This picture explains why I love to hand sew.
The seam ripper and I are buds.
I used Anna Maria Horner and Amy Bulter fabrics. They went really well together. The main red fabric is a thicker home interior fabric, thought it would hold up better.

Mickey had to be moved. He just wants some attention and lovin, but it gets annoying. I gave him his own fabric - problem solved!

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amber said...

omg those lollipops! i knew what story you were gonna tell when you started talking about when you were younger lol. man those things really did last forever at your house...really gross thinking about it now haha.

i love the fabrics on your apron! :)

oh and both of those pics of Mickey remind me EXACTLY of Boo (my cat at my mom's). he loooves fabric/sheets too! and it's pretty much impossible to make a bed or fold clothing if he's around bc he just comes over and plops down in the middle of it lol.

lolo sr said...

remember those lollipops we would get in ybor city when we would go on field trips there? they were the same color but torpido-y looking lol

i like the blue eye look like a 1985 maggie farley (but with blonde hair). i know that sounds weird but it was ATCH-UH-LY a compliment :)

and i'm also jealous bc you finished an apron while mine is sitting unfinished without a waistband on my kitchen table :( yours is rearry cute tho!


danyur brutter said...

i remember we used to put them in the refrigerator and make them cold. just wrappin em up in saran wrap. Mickey is LE TIRED. he probably misses me... see you thiss weekend :)


thereddeer said...

The apron looks great - good job.

Love the look of those lollypops too.

carly. said...

my kitty loves to lie on the fabric when i have it out too...yet refuses to lie on the bed we bought her haha.

Becky said...

:) Thank you!

Andrea said...

Blue Eye shadow! Really???? Not soooo much!! I wore that eye makeup for my eighties party!! Oh and I totally agree that MAC makeup girls are crazy-looking and not in a good way!!
tizerita!!!! sounds like a fun lil drink but its just my word.

lil bro said...

hahahah andrea TIZERITA. lets make some this weekend

peace love mitylar <3