Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Oh Hello :)

Been awhile :) yikes it's Wednesday huh? Well here we go!
Today I got confirmation that Twilight is completely amazing thanks to Molly! I called her up telling her to get her running shoes on because I need to get in shape! She didn't :) but she did promise she would! So Twilight is next on the list since my sister is reading the Toy Monster book.

Oh and Wednesdays mean Pop visits! He found this awesome McCall's Needlework Treasury. We looked through it together and he told me good luck lol. This book has everything in it!
That does say Tatting, so who's first? I'll tat you up.
So tatting actually is just another method of lace making or doilies. Which I was just asking several people if they knew how to make. Now I have the giant McCall book, so I'm gonna tat it up.

My sister visited Vanderbilt this weekend, where she was accepted into grad school! She stayed with our Aunt Lynna and just loved it. I'll be sad she's far, but I'll be happy to visit TN.
Lauren and Lynna visited some antique stores, and were so sweet to bring me this creepy crawly spider pin!
Thank you :)

A very crafty gal, who actually does her Red Velvet Girl class. :) I've been slacking!
Too cute apron!

At Publix yesterday, and found this! I did not know you could buy sculpted butter. These are lil lambs for Mickey.
Wanna play lambs?

This weekend was very good! Sent time with family, did alil quilting, got a hair cut, watched the sunset, slept in, and was luckily enough to volunteer at Ante up for Autism! My very wonderful cousin Rachel attended Sydney's School, which is a school for both autism kids and typical kids. They believe all kids, with and without autism, should interact and learn together. Rachel bloomed at Sydney's School! Sydney's School is ran by some very amazing people, and they keep that school going, but they need MONEY to keep it going! :) So they have Ante up for Autism at the Yaffe's . The Yaffe's are these incredible people who donate their home for the night. It looks more like a museum or castle in Europe than a house in Tampa. I could go on forever about this house!
Me and lil Mags after a very long, but fun night! It was a very fun night! I was very happy to see all the people come out to support an amazing school!

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Molly Le Blanc said...

Molly has finally come around!! This is officially my first comment. The Twilight books are very addicting. Get on it!!

lolo sr said...

ok first thing...i bet you are really going to feed those butter lambs to mickey (he's really getting plump)

next, sorry i took toy monster but im glad youre reading twilight bc i dont want to read it but i want to see the movies, so hopefully after you read them you'll buy the movies ;)

and im glad you like your spider looks cool in that picture!

Andrea said...

LoLo -- Mickey getting plump -- More like IS Plump!! Sorry becks but your doggie needs to lay off the treats!!!! lol
I started reading the twillight books in the desert but then watched the movie and lost all interest in the books. Let me know how that goes!!