Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunshine and happiness

I had a very lovely weekend! The weather was perfect, and I got to spend time with the ones I love!
Plus I ate a few of these while quilting at Jax (my amazing and talented aunt).

I started my lil quilt project I purchased at the local quilt show. The fabrics came with the kit, but I didn't love them all (solids) so I picked out some new ones today! Here is a peek at the beautiful fabric! This is one type of a stack em whack quilt. The mirrors help show what the pieces will look like once they are put together. Neat huh!

Danny, my lil brother and I went to St. Pete for Art in the Park, but it wasn't that cool this weekend. I was alil disappointed, but the day was soooooo perfect and we strolled around downtown. This was on the sidewalk :)

I love this Mickey print!

Art in the Park was a bust, but the day was wonderful, so we headed over to Ballast Point. I tried to get mickey to walk on a leash, but he's not a fan! We got delicious icecream and Mickey got his treats!


I love My Paper Crane! And I love the March update! These are sweet lil homemade plush love notes! Too cute!

I want a love note! :)

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