Wednesday, April 15, 2009

5 things I'm thankful for....

Living where the sun shines often!

My incredible amaze extra wonderful Farley Family & Mickey Boo & all my awesome friends!!!

The orange part of the day! It's that time of day around 7 in the evening where the sky is an orange color and you're off work and things are good :)

My work and everyone who works with me! :) 

Ok now tell me 5 things you are thankful for! Also visit The Spark for more thankfulness!
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black vanilla rose said...

Lovely post!! I'm with you on being thankful for being young at heart :] my others would be: my wonderful group of friend, loving family, fun job and being able to read blogs to keep my life more interesting xx

Miss Wanderlust said...

loooove it!

Andrea said...

Ohhhh I love you!

margot said...

i love the orange part of the day too!!!!

lolo sr said...

2. Friendsies and Fam
3. Being able to go to school
4. hummus
5. musicccc

brother said...

1) family, including, but not limited to, you, lauren, mags, daddy, max, angel, jet, pumpkin, and of course mickey, stephanie berger, rob marve, and franklin, the frog
2) best friends
3) florida state university
4) being able to go fun places with family and friends
5) living less than a minute away from water

thereddeer said...

What a cute little list, mine would have to be...

1. My wonderful loving husband.
2. My beautiful daughter.
3. Being able to be easily pleased.
4. Quiet time during the day when I get to potter around the house.
5. Having such wonderful friends.