Monday, April 27, 2009

Crumpets & Strumpets

So have you ever asked yourself, Why did this girl name her blog Strumpet's Crumpets?
Well, my sister and I talk about opening a tea shop or just a cute shop with awesome stuff, and the name I came up with was Strumpet's Crumpets. Now Lauren didn't love it, because the definition of a strumpet is lady of the night or too much make up wearing harlot. :) Plus no one ever knows what a strumpet is - READ PEOPLE!!! In highschool my literature teacher, Dr. Wright, was this super southern, super gay, super expressive man. And whenever he would read strumpet he would elongate the word and raise his voice. Same with harlot and words in the same genre. He cracked me up! I went to Catholic school and this is what stuck with me. So I love the word strumpet, but say it Struuuumpet, like Dr. Wright! My aunt Jackie loves the name ps, this is why I love her so much!
So Strumpet's Crumpets got it's name :) I'm not a strumpet, but I do wear alot of makeup :)
At the grocery store I found crumpets (never actually saw a crumpet before) - tada!
I'm finished cutting all the triangles for my sister's quilt - now I need to pick an order for them to go in!
I had a very wonderful weekend!
Mickey got a bath (finally) tonight.
so sleepy...night :)
It was a good Monday - unusual!
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apparentlyjessy said...

Oh I love knowing how your blog name came about, its an amusing tale! I love crumpets, we have them for breakfast often.
Maybe one day I will tell a story of the beginnings of apparentlyjessy!
:) Good to hear you had a good Monday...they are rather rare occurrences!

brother said...

the font they use on that bag of crumpets kinda looks like the font you use in your logo :) did you buy said crumpets?

lolo sr said...

what is a crumpet anyways? I'm sao sister happy that youre starting my quilt :)))))) its gonna be soooo fretty!!!!

dr. wright <-- love that girlfriend!!!!

I'M GRADUATING alsdkfjsdhfs dfsdfhskjdf jsnhdfkjs OOOOMMMMGGGG

thats all

Becky said...

Jessy- I'd love to hear how your blog name became :)

Danny- didn't buy the crumpets, but I should have, maybe when you come to Tampa! I was at the store for smores supplies!

Lo- I'm sooooooo excited about your graduation and I'm so proud of you!! Your quilt is coming along nicely!

alissa said...

i love this!i just posted tonight asking people how they came up with their blog names - everyone has an interesting story behind it!

Anonymous said...

Im glad you finally told everyone else how the name orginated! You are sooooo creative and you do not wear not much makeup --