Friday, April 3, 2009


Cyclops spring dunny
Lil dunnys for lil ones!

I want to make this quilt by Anna Maria Horner! 
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thereddeer said...

That quilt looks awesome - I especially like the colours used.

Mindless Rants said...

I stumbled onto your blog just by linking from other friends blogs . . . and my eye immediately went to the basket of string. I think it's a piece of art just as is - especially if you have a crafting table. But I saw the string on a big canvas in my mind! You know, a big pile of clear drying glue globbed onto the middle, dump the string on top and SMMMMOOOOOOOSSSSHHHHH it all around with your hands. Let it fall of the edges, leave some gaps, let it tangle and mush together! And then you can hang it - a 'texture painting' of sorts!!!