Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Doll Babies

These dolls are too precious!
These pretty green gals by One Red Robin are the best!
Doll fabric from Fabricworm. I love these dolls!

New nesting doll DIY kit from Themercshop!

Doll fabric by Heidi Kenney, she designs the fabric then sends it to spoonflower.com, and tada!
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alissa said...

ok that diy one would be so much fun. except that id get really frustrated at the impossible task of making them all look identical haha

Euphoria said...

these little gals are SO cute! love the One Red Robin ones... adorable!

just got some Heather Ross fabric from fabricworm the other day... love that shop!

JulieTew said...

Adorable! That DIY kit is super neat!

thereddeer said...

Love them all - too cute!

black vanilla rose said...

those dolls are so precious, i would love to get a set someday. i love the idea of the diy dolls, so cute

p.s: you've been tagged on my latest blog xx

Pansieberry said...

aaaah! those dolls are too adorable! I want one; or at least, i want to make one; that would be fun.
have a great weekend!

Adela said...

those are so cute! =)


apparentlyjessy said...

Those dolls are amazing! I just tagged you! x

cabin + cub said...

those are all so cute! ;)