Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Don't Forget

Last year's Maggle's Day present! My siblings and I call our mom Mags. Her name is Maggie, and she's super cute and super small, to keep the cute going we call her Mags. So I embroidered her a Mags Sacred Heart. Also have a Mags & Daddy tattoo :)

I found this for new moms on etsy! Beckaboo made it! I just thought it was too cute!

Cute charm bracelet and staying with the Hearts Mom theme! Go to the
TheMischiefMakers on etsy!

Lauren's graduation quilt is still going - not sewn yet!
There's alot of cutting involved. Mickey comes and sits right on my lap when I'm trying to draw!
He's sometimes a pest - good thing he's cute!
5 down 8 to go! Slowly but surely :)

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carly. said...

post photos of your mags and daddy tattoos...actually, can you post photos of all of your tattoos? i would love to see them. i got a peek a few weeks ago when you posted small photos of the one your mum wanted to show someone at work but i want to see them all!

please :)

Euphoria said...

love the embroidery- mad skills!

thereddeer said...

Very cool embroidery! Good luck finishing the quilt :)

brother said...

whens mag's day...

Becky said...

:) ok well I will take some pictures, but I'll post them on flickr! lol deal! Don't you have a few? Post em!

alissa said...

i love that the embroidery looks like a tattoo!
ok i cant wait to see this quilt - what a fabulous selection of fabric!

thanks for visiting my blog:) i hope you come back!