Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter to You!

I hope everyone has a very nice day!
I tried to make breakfast for everyone, but forgot to set the timer - wampwamp!
That just means Starbucks breakfast yay!
I did do a lot of cooking last night and nothing burn or did anything weird, so that's exciting for me, and for all you that have to eat it!

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your brudder said...

did anyone eat them? CRISPAy. have a fun easter with out me :( naaaaahht. love you!

Becky said...

lil danny - I missed you soooo much! hurry to tampa soon! I only laughed half as much as normal today without you there! love you!

brother from anotha motha said...

well clearly aunt jackie got LAOOSSSEE in the kitchen. im glad pumpkin is a real dog once again. where was mickey?


much like cryin

thereddeer said...

Damn timers!

Mindless Rants said...

Oh - that looks like the beginning of some delicous caramal rolls! Yum . . .