Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Here you go!

Had time to sew over the weekend! 

And at Easter!

We played Quiddler (most fun game ever!) and I got this hand! 

Ok so my dad is the BEST!

My dad asked me to come see his workshop on Sunday. When I’m in there he’s going on and on about these books we read and how the main character keeps everything (packrat) important to him. When I was younger my parents let me express myself by painting my walls, gluing the walls, tiling things, etc.  So in bettering the décor in the house they took down this banister in my old room, decorated to the T with paint. I was probably 10 when I did this! My dad couldn’t throw it out. He put it in his workshop as a doorframe! It is just sweet and special that he cares! When I saw it I almost cried! He is the BEST, did I mention that? J

look at those skills lol yikes
iphone messed up this picture lol

This Easter was the year of the Maxi dress.
 Two too short sisters wear too long dresses!

New dunnys coming next month!!!! Super stoked about that, but really annoyed they are raising the price :( 

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michelle said...

i love your easter dresses!

bruther said...

grool dad. and i want the blue dunny on the far left. also, sew me the skull quilt pls :)

daNgo said...

Lol, the 2nd picture in your post, of you sewing in the table, the decoration in the window bars make you look like you have 2 little antennas coming out of your head...

:: sighs :: Is it too weird I find it amusing?

P.S., door frame thingie is pretty sweet indeed.

apparentlyjessy said...

Wow, the quilt is looking good, I love the colours you are using.
I love your Easter dresses too, two peas in a pod! :)