Monday, April 6, 2009

makes me happy

Easter is on it's way!
Colorful Fabric!!!
Fabric! Even better 1/2 off Kaffe and Anna Maria Horner fabric, so I'm stoked!

Waste knot want knot!

My Aunt Jackie (Jax) always washes new fabric, so it shrinks up before you sew. Now I always wash my fabric, but apparently you don't really have to anymore with today's fabrics. I like to because you never know where its been, crazy cat ladies, etc. The fabric frays at the ends and this knot above all comes off the edges of the fabric. I kinda hate throwing it away, I mean I can't really do anything with it. It's just so colorful! Any ideas?

Renaissance Fest 2009
New friends!

I love the Renaissance fest, the people are nuts and sooo fun! If Jax ever makes me a costume I'll wear it! Then I'll make the whole Farley gang dress up too! Next year's Halloween idea?

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thereddeer said...

Nice fabric stash!

Maybe you could use all that thread to stuff a plushy?

Hope you find some use for it :D

apparentlyjessy said...

Hello! Thank you ever so much for following my blog! I like your blog too :) We have a medieval fair here in South Australia, and I am hoping to go along this year, it looks very much like the renaissance fair...even the crazy fun people are the same! I would like to get dressed up too.
That fabric is awesome, and yeah stuffing is a good use for all the fabric frays...
I like your blog and will follow you too! :)

lolo sr said...

i wonder why those fellas are wearing tutus? did you go to the fortune teller?

you could use that extra string to make hair for a coraline doll that you never finished ;)

come to a concert with me on may 8th to celebrate my graduation!!!!!!!!!!

lolo sr said...

who is mickey's buddy Dennis?

brother. said...


you must be Dennis?

Andrea said...

You Failed to mention how dirty it was there -- Oh how nasty were my lil footsies! GROSS!!